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Amalia Viviana Basanta Hernandez

Director of Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández, Academia de La Danza Amalia Hernández Ballet de Mexico de Amalia V.B. Hernández USA, and México en Movimiento. Training with contemporary legends Alvin Nikolai, Hania Holm, Katherine Dunham and Alvin Ailey, facilitated Basantaʼs more than 20-year career as a principal and soloist with Ballet Folklórico de México. She has been recognized around the world for her interpretation of her motherʼs works, Los Maya, Sones Antiguos de Michoacan, and her portrayal of La Juana Gallo from The Mexican Revolution. Through Ms. Basantaʼs contemporary work with México en Movimiento, she has captured the rich history and essence of Mexico, past and present, with a vocabulary of movement that speaks to a sophisticated and international audience.

Basanta has collaborated and created works for La Sinfónica de Mineria and La Sinfónica Naciónal de México. Her most recent ballets include La Mulata de Córdoba, Maria, Lara y Sus Mujeres, Homenaje a Hidalgo, De la Caña a Carnaval, Mexico Ayer y Hoy and Fandango en Rojo, and she was recently inducted to The Board of Trustees for Dance USA. Her unique approach to combining history, folklore and contemporary movement, parallels the rapidly changing demographic and image of America today.

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Amalia Hernández

Ballet Folklórico de Mexico

Mexican Choreographer Extraordinaire, and Founder of Ballet Folkórico de México, Amalia Hernández changed the scene of dance around the world thanks to her vibrant, colorful and powerful performances emphasizing the artistic and cultural value of Mexico. Amalia Hernández was born on September 19, 1917 in Mexico City. After several years as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer at the Mexican Academy of Dance, she decided to start a small dance ensemble. This group, first known as “Ballet Moderno de México,” gained popularity due to the imaginative choreographies created by Hernández. In 1959, with newfound and wide popularity in the country, the Tourism Board of Mexico asked Hernández and her dance company to participate in the Pan American Games of Chicago, Illinois. The group performed choreographies such as Los Hijos del Sol, Sones Antiguos de Michoacan, el Cupidito, and Fiesta Veracruzana among others. This was the first time the Ballet Folklórico de México performed outside Mexico. In 1961, Ballet Folklórico de México won first place at the Paris Festival of Nations, competing against renowned institutions including Russiaʼs Moiseyev Dance Company. Soon after Ballet Folklórico de México was given a permanent residence in Mexico Cityʼs Palace of Fine Arts, by President Adolfo Lopez Mateos. In 2017 the company celebrated its 65th anniversary and the 100th birthday of Amalia Hernández. With multiple international tours and 3 weekly performances at El Palacio de Bellas Artes, El Ballet Folklórico de México has performed for more than 22 million people, since its creation in 1952.