In order to assist mariachi and ballet folklórico teachers in these extraordinary times, we are creating educational materials for teachers to use in their classrooms this fall, instead of inviting students to participate in our Mariachi Summit in person. We are offering these material to any mariachi or ballet folklórico teacher for FREE because we don't want any student to have their mariachi activities in school diminished because of money, but we will ask for donations to help us cover our costs if you are able make one. Suggested donation: $5-10 per student.

Mariachi and Folklórico Teachers: please click here to sign up for the Online Summit for FREEIn your email, tell us what school you teach at, how many mariachi/folklórico classes you teach and roughly how many students you think will be participating.

The materials provided will consist of:

  1. Approximately 200 instructional videos for Violin, Trumpet, Voice, Guitarrón, Vihuela and Guitar made by members of Mariachi Champaña Nevin — all virtuoso performers and experienced teachers — teaching fundamental techniques and 11 beginning, intermediate & advanced songs from the "Mariachi Mastery Songbook". NOTE: Kjos Music is offering a special download of the "Mariachi Mastery Songbook" during the pandemic for about $2 per student.

  2. Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán is creating demonstration videos of 3 advanced songs not in the "Mariachi Mastery Songbook — pdf's of these will be provided as part of the Summit package. Those songs are: El cuatro, El pasajero, El viajero. (15 videos)

  3. Amalia Viviana Basanta Hernández, Artistic Director of the Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández and AVART is creating instructional videos for 3-4 dances (including Danzón, Veracruz and Charrería) with former dancers from the Ballet Folklório de México de Amalia Hernández (20 videos)

  4. ​Tlen Huicani from the Universidad Verazcruzana is creating a concert/demonstration video of jarocho music (1 video — 1 hour)

  5. "El Gran Concierto" — Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán full concert with symphony orchestra (1 video — 2 hours)

  6. We are creating several videos presenting various topics related to mariachi history (3-4 videos)

  7. ​Total of approximately 250 videos

All of the materials will be distributed to teachers in the middle-end of August. Please click here to sign up for the Online Summit and we'll give you more info soon.


The largest sponsors of our Mariachi Summit have always been Southwest Airlines and the San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture. Southwest, as you can imagine, it going to difficult times and is understandably unable to support us this year. And the San Diego grants are funded by tourism — mostly taxes on hotel rooms — which has been severely impacted as well. And while they did offer us a reduced grant this year, it was only if we could produce a physical event in San Diego — "virtual" events don't count.

So we find ourselves literally without any corporate sponsorship this year — but we feel a commitment to students and to promote mariachi education. That's why we are producing this Summit and distributing it for free to teachers who use it in their classrooms. If you want to support these efforts, please click here to make a donation

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2020 San Diego International Mariachi Summit


Materials to be Released to Teachers August 15-20

For use in classrooms throughout fall, 2020